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December 2015

Manuscripts at Museu do Amanhã

It’s very intimate what happens inside each letter that i don’t believe when a new word emerge and fit in the text. My work at Museu do Amanhã was an invitation from Hugo Barreto that understood i could bring some texture and feeling with my manuscript. The text was created by Luiz Alberto Oliveira the museum Curator. The texture is made of clay, a great work by Lucas Gonçalves and Marcelo Veneziani.

November 2015

Launch of Rito and Afeto Collections for Tok&Stok – Rio de Janeiro

Collection Launch in Rio de Janeiro

Photos: Bruno Costa Carvalho

October 2015

Launch of Rito and Afeto Collections for Tok&Stok – São Paulo

Collection Launch in São Paulo

Photos: Priscila Calheiros

September 2015

Backyard Leafs Collection

Yay! this week was launched at @redeasta store the backyard leafs collection. This collection came out from a authorial process with woman from Costura Unida group. There are cushion,  place mats and aprons made of recycled fabric. Each item represent one leaf from their studio’s backyard, check the entire collection on the link bellow.

June 2015

Maria de Todos Nós – A tribute to Maria Bethânia

This is the cloak i made for her who is a Queen. This exhibition is a beautiful work of Ana Basbaum and Beatriz Lessa. You can find fibers and perfumes just like life should be. There are several pieces from my dear friends, one of them wisely defined this exhibition as a biennial. Cheers to Maria Bethânia and her nobility!


April 2015

Set design for the play “Autobiografia Autorizada” (Authorized autobiography)

I’m so proud to present you the set design i made for this special play. Paulo has an amazing life story that now he can share with everybory!
Thanks so much for all the crew, i had a lot of fun working with them.

December 2014

Mana + Ipanema’s Purses

Yay, what joy! Every bit of exhibition I did last June in the Casa Ipanema turned into a single, signed and limited purse. There are only 130 of a model and 70 of the other, each made from a fragment of the images showed in a Sensorial Map I made along with the photographer Mauro Kury on the Ipanema neighborhood.
The photos were printed huge and brought scenes like the seagulls in the neighborhood, corn, or topographical views of the sea … The material is called Tyvek (a mixture of paper with plastic, which is tough, great to take to the beach). The purse is already crumpled the way I believe, with a living texture. The larger model is double sided, each side has a piece of image, the smaller bag is a shoulder strap to carry away. The biggest delight is to do an exhibition that when disassembled turns in to a collection. I Design processes where the product is the last trace.

Life Story – Fios Coloridos

One more group! We ended up our experience with Fios Coloridos Group with special abilities using crepe paper in a very unusual way. Soon you’ll see the wonderful products we made with those fighters.

November 2014

Speech at SEBRAE Alagoas

Speech at SEBRAE Alagoas in the launch of their new Reference Term for Creative Economy in Alagoas

Môbiluz at MAD (Museum of Arts and Design)

Môbiluz, illuminated Mobile, made in partnership Zeca Cury and Airton Pimenta, is displayed at Museum of Arts and Design (MAD – NY) in a group exhibition dedicated to contemporary Latin American design called New Territories: Laboratories for Design, Craft and Art in Latin America.

from November 4, 2014 to April 6, 2015 at  MAD

1st International Colloquium ” Public Libraries – Spaces of Reflection “

Mana participated in the conversation about " The poetics of the word ", along with the poet Alice Sant'Anna that 
happened at Biblioteca Parque Estadual - RJ
October 2014

Door’s Numeral

Door’s Numeral! Today in my online store: within objects category.

Online Store – With very, very joy I inaugurate my online store, I always had a dream to share and sell what I do for all the country. A space where the multiplicity of what i do is centralized in oder to walk independently in the marketing my work!

This entire process is collective and was @mcmarechal that brought the possibility in a clear, transparent and straightforward manner. with @claudiaguerrinha and @mushsanches from #vvar family lead this ONLINE SHOP: – Every week we will have news.

September 2014


SUPER excited to be part of that troupe with this scenario made from recycled silver plastic, cut by me and embroidery by Costa Lala. The show has Clara Kutner direction and a beautiful group involved. The photo below is of Renata DuArte.

August 2014

Life Stories – Mães da Maré

Cheers to Mães da Maré group where I was immersed July/August. Jointly we develop new meshes, soon this group will release their collection! Thanks to Rede Asta and Coletivo Coca-Cola.

May 2014


Yay! The new DVD/CD cover from Marisa Monte was lauched. My handwriting was part of a projection in her show’s scenario now occupy the cover with graphic project of Batman Zavareze, Billy Bacon and Leonardo Eyer. i am delighted to be part of this processs, very happy indeed!

April 2014

Life Stories – Cidade de Deus

This is the Criando Arte group from Cidade de Deus. They’re specialized in baskets and meshes made of  PET bottles, sometimes handpainted with crayons and sometimes used in natural colors. In this process they make bags, baskets, vase, folders, placemats, necklaces…I spent the whole April with them, immersed in listening from this five woman’s life stories: Léa, Lucia, Nair, Andrea and Rita. With this method they started to (quebrar a cabeça) using a new drill, mixing pearls to the objects, sewing, riverting, twisting. Today this group has a new collection thanks to the effort to shift paradigms and to face materials in a new way. Soon here i’ll share with you the result of this partnership with them. Rede Asta, which is a Handcraft Supportive Network  with many artisan groups such as Coletivo Coca-Cola. In the website you can check their products

Mana Bernardes at Deu na telha Exhibition

I believe that poetry can be transformative because it is the sensitive state that we allow what is most essential. In this perspective the happiness of being alive comes up, and before any other kind of happiness, that’s what I go through this poem written to Alemão.

It has opened last saturday 29/03  the exhibition Deu na Telha at Teleférico do Complexo do Alemão. Artists, producers, community and students got together to celebrate this never before seen exhibition.

more information:

February 2014

Collective Exhibition – First Study : About Love

Poetry which disrupt corners in exhibition at Luciana Caravello Contemporary Art Gallery.
Barão de Jaguaripe Street  387 Ipanema

October 2013

Dishware and Glassware Launch

Check out the launch of  Mana Bernardes collections  for Tok & Stok . A food experience with the raw food designer Inês Braconnot, poems recited by Mana Bernardes and music by Pedro Bernardes.

Rio Design Week

Lecture : “Poetical and responsible paths”

Photos: Marco Sobral

September 2013

Exhibition Ocos at Amparo 60 gallery

Exhibition Ocos at Amparo 60 gallery in Recife with the exhibition Grafite from José Paulo

August 2013

Design Weekend in São Paulo

Lecthure at Tok&Stok during design weekend

June 2013

Lecture on 3rd Sustainability Forum UNICRUZ

It was a very intense lecture for the people at unicruz

May 2013

Há Feto Necklace

New Há Feto Necklace for mothers, fathers, children, old, men, women, we now have a version with laminated bamboo and scrap of acrylic with two sizes: the big one made with leather cord, pearls as finishing and the smaller one with nylon and magnet closure.

Do Mundo

You can buy Do Mundo flip flops here:

Do Mundo

Narrative process of  ”Do Mundo”, my sandal to IPANEMA:

Video by Clara Cavour, editing Yan Motta, production Brisa Gonzaga, realization 6D studio.

April 2013

Do Mundo

Texture, strap, recycled mass,manuscript sole, digital, topography, jewelry fot the feet, affordable, popular product, sandal, slipper, archetype, delirium , process, injected, recycled pvc, density, volume, anatomy,side texture, color palette, a year and a half now living with this vocabulary now it speak for itself: Do MUndo, my sandal for Ipanema.

Photos by Mauro Kury


Tattooed manuscripts

The Manuscripts became temporary tatoos!
you can buy it here:

March 2013

Joias Cotidianas at Dona coisa Store

I am very happy! I back to sell my Jewelry in Dona Coisa store again, and this month my installation odd wooden bowls are exposed there to celebrate and stamping the lyricism that return.
Dona Coisa is a special shop, has beautiful clothes, curated by Roberta Damasceno and a very well maintained. It’s in Rua Lopes Quintas, 153 – Jardim Botânico Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Phone: +55 21 2249-2336

February 2013

video “International Seminar on Reshaping the Public: Art, Education and Participation”

We just received the link to the “International Seminar on Reshaping the Public: Art, Education and Participation” held in November where Mana was part of the table.

January 2013

Mana’s Jewels has a a new sales point!

Fernando de Noronha has a new sales point of Mana jewels:
O Pico Store. A charming and multifunctional space that is on the Rua
Nice Lamb, S / N – Fernando de Noronha, PE.

Phone: (55 81) 3619-1377.

December 2012

Collective exhibition at Luciana Caravello Arte Contemporânea Gallery

“Aí vai muito da pessoa”,  collective exhibition organized by Bernardo Mosqueira which i participated with the work “Neste papel eram flores / In this paper were flor flowers”, made with strips of rice paper rolled and Nanking.

November 2012

Honorable Mention at 26th Museu da Casa Braseilira Award

My book, Mana e Manuscritos (Aeroplano publisher), got Honorable Mention at  26th  Museu da Casa Brasileira Awarnd in the category “written published work”!

9th Creativity World Forum

Lecture on 9º Creativity World Forum, the panel that discussed the topic: Developing Creativity and Social Innovation: with Rene Silva, Laura Tavares, Eduarda La Rocque.

2nd International Seminar of Reshaping the Public: Art, Education and Participation

Lecture on “International Seminar of Reshaping the Public: Art, Education and Participation” at the table were Camilo Osorio director of MAM and Bea Meira representing the Universidade das Quebradas. The encounter was great!.

Estúdio TV Móvel Show, in Tv Brasil channel

here’s an interview for Estúdio TV Móvel Show, in Tv Brasil channel. I love this program, is a cultural range darn! This edition also has the band Morbo y Mambo and filmmaker Elisa Ratts. And the very sweet and attentive Liliane Reis.

October 2012

Shape Your Life Project – Museu MAXXI

The MAXXI Museum in Rome, hosts the project Shape Your Life project, where international designers came together to showcase their projects using ALCANTARA as base material. My project speaks of the labor and comfort union, and it was a prototype of what I want to continue deepening. It is called On Net in Hammock, a floating workstation.

September 2012

Preciousness Workshop at Trindade, Paraty

Preciousness Workshop for Fashion Cairuçu Core at Trindade Paraty, women who live in a true paradise, and get united to develop consistent manufacturing. Photos: Daniela Schmidt


Lecture at Paraty Eco Fashion

The lecture, in paraty eco fashion, along with Renato  Imbroisi that is designer and works here and in Africa with artisans in the middle of the fiber, burrs and points.  I’m a fan, admirer, and I have full respect for the aesthetic and emotional range of his work. The lecture was chaired by writer Heloísa Marra.

The Transversal Project

A performance “Desembrulho Poético” vai pro mundo, mais precisamente em St. Louis, Missouri onde fez parte da mostra The Transversal Project, mostra que passeia por cidades projetando vídeos em superfícies de espaços públicos, prédios abandonados, basta ter um espaço. A performance foi projetada em uma porta de vidro.

August 2012

My exhibition will be opened until august 22nd for the the friends who dind’t come yet.

I am writing to invite you to my exhibition “Poetic Unwrap”.
For me it is very important that you come, it’s the first time I show my manuscripts in a gallery.
And also has Môbiluz that generates aquatic shadows, has Floating Jewels that are mobiles with glass, liquid and industrial leftovers of sequins and a series of pet jewelry with gold.
I managed to extend the deadline and will be on display until Wednesday 22 August fair to those who did not come!
Gallery adress:
Luciana Caravello Contemporary Art Rua Barão Jaguaripe, 387 – Ipanema – Rio de Janeiro – Monday to Friday from 10h to 19h and Saturday from 11h to 14h 55 21 2523-4696 | 2512-9637


June 2012

Manuscripts at Marisa Monte’s Concert

Yaaaay! My original manuscripts of the Mana e Manuscritos book, published by Editora Aeroplano are beautifully represented in the new Marisa Monte Concert in this magicalt ribute to Cassia Eller.
the Art Direction is from Bat Zavareze

Cultural Vigil at Casa da Gávea in Rio +20

It was great to be present on the Cultural Vigil of Casa da Gávea in Rio +20 in June 20th!
The placeis democratic and unpretentious, which made a fluid meeting.
Now i desire to make it monthly.

12th Ribeirão Preto Nacional Book Fair

“Parto das palavras/The birth of words” is a lecture, a performance which i invite my mother Ruth Casoy, who is a poet, calligrapher and sociologist and from our exchange, a new language came into existence for me and for her, and this is what we perform immersed in our poems.

The exhibition at Luciana Caravello Arte Contemporânea Gallery is until August 11h!

Had performance with manuscripted paper dress, with Pedro Bernardes and his set, curated by Waldick Jatoba, partnership with Firma Casa, scenography by Marko Brajovic and Carmela Rocha, firmness from Rey Silva, commitment from Tatiana Dutra, Didi and Afonso working in the realization ,the entire staff of the gallery, glass, liquid, negative sequins, poetic unwrap, Airton Pimenta and Zeca Cury partners in Môbiluz, Lala Costa embroiderer, pet jewelry with gold and manuscripts in floating stands.

The Gallery addres is Rua Barão de Jaguaripe, 387 – Ipanema
Rio de Janeiro, RJ – 22421-000
Tel: 5521 2523-4696

Valentines day

you can buy the jewels at:

Cerâmica Arteminas
Fazenda Bocaína
Inhotim – Brumadinho – Minas Gerais

Av. Nilo Peçanha, 2424 lojas 01 e 02
Porto Alegre- Rs

Novo Desenho
Av. Infante Dom Henrique, 85
Aterro do Flamengo – Glória -
(Térreo do Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro – MAM/RJ)

Largo dos Leões, 81 loja C.
Humaitá – Rio de Janeiro

i’m sure your adorned girlfriends will turn poetry

May 2012

Jewelry Pillows and Poetry – May 8th, 2012 in Rio de Janeiro

This day was dedicated to improvisation at Mutações, mother and daughter performance. Ruth Casoy my mother always damned serious and firm as a teacher.
That time we had Alice Caymmi who gave her singing gift during for our performance.
The Mutações store today is the place that has my full collection of jewelry in Rio, and now a new line of Cobalt Blue PET Jewels , with signed pieces made of silver!
And a unique series of pads made with recycled fabrics and plastic plastics.

The store is located in Largo dos leões 81 loja c Humaita
phone 5521 25304201

Mutações Store Facebook

April 2012

Milan Design Week 2012

For three years we will be in Milan, Rodrigo Almeida, Tete Knecht and me. The exhibition was next to the Pinacoteca di Brera, a very central place, a very focused and straight to the point exhibition. I received many people and exchanged with many different places around the world. Soon we’ll be there again.

February 2012

Launch of the book in SP at Galeria Firma Casa – February 8th 2012

The launch was incredible as always and I had to work hard to give the best of me: Book + Performance + Môbiluz + Galeria Firma Casa debut. It was a lot of work for these actions to happen harmoniously, but it all worked out well and I felt so good doing the second act of the performance with my brother, Pedro, playing his set of textures and electronic noises. Thanks to Didi and Afonso, Waldick and Sonia and the entire team of Firma Casa, and Airton and Zeca, my partners of Môbiluz!

January 2012

Thematic Social Forum – January 24th and 25th – Porto Alegre -Canoas

I attended the World Social Forum giving workshop and getting in touch with noble materials that I find in everyday life, in the shaving and the trash. It was a sweet experience, have lots of gratitude for the city of Canoas, since I made the “Christmas of Transformation” there in 2009. And I’m very excited to see all the good relationships I built there with amazing craftswomen… the workshops were a party!

December 2011


The first thing that came was a the shape looking like a canoe, a banana, palm leafs, in short, so many symbols from brazilian origins.
I developed two pieces, one is and palm with leafs closed, the other one this leafs starts to open in a festive way.
That shapes are made of industrial silver sequin leftovers, hand folded, with many many folds.
Starting from this i decided to bring spheres to give a Christmas touch. i researched many spheres like that and thought it would be noble to design one, so i made those glass spheres with colored liquid inside.

I made this colors using water and aniline until i get the tones.

I Named this “Enfeite” or “Christmas Floating Jewels”

Literary Opera – Batman Zavareze direction

I’ts very good to the among this poets

The performance in december 7th at Oi Futuro Flamento was the closing day of cycle “Oi Cabeça” with Heloisa Buarque de Holanda and Cristiane Costa trusteeship

photos: Diana Sandes_Festival Multiplicidade




September 2011

September 27th was for emotion

Launching of the book “Mana e Manuscritos” with Poetic Unwraping Performance in Rio de Janeiro at Travessa bookstore in Shopping Leblon.
The book was published by Aeroplano, with 466 pages, curated by Heloisa Buarque de Hollanda, photos by Mauro Kury and a CD with original music by Pedro Bernardes to follow the poems.
Graphic design is by Mariana Ochs and the book is made with sil print and parchment paper. The cover is a photo of an original manuscript that can be used as a poster.
Divided into four parts: manuscripts, quotidian jewels, visual experiments and pedagogical environments. The book presents a compilation of all of Mana’s work through the past decade with texts by Arnaldo Antunes, Antonio Bernardo, Adelia Borges and Daniel Cywinski.
In order to contemplate this, poems that appear on this paper book have been incorporated in the the Poetic Unwraping Performance, directed by Vera Holtz, with movement by Rossella Terra Nova and live music of Pedro Bernardes and Jaques Morelenbaum.
Now we are going to travel throughout Brazil to launch the book. More information soon.

Poetic Unwrap Performance

Check the videos of the release of  the book Mana e Manuscritos  with the Performance Poetic Unwrap in Rio de Janeiro at Livraria da Travessa on Shopping Leblon.

July 2011

Cultural Circle Abraço da Paz- Complexo do Alemão RJ

I was invited by Cabbet Araújo, the lecture was on the floor with the kids, nothing better, They were very attentive and the project is beautiful.

March 2011

Homo Faber: The Animal who has Hands -Vale Museum march 18th 2011

Beign part of the Seminar Vale Museum 2011, and the publication Homo Faber: The Animal who has Hands, published by Vale Museum let me speachless!!! The organization and trusteeship of Ferando Pessoa and Ronaldo Barbosa invites a series for artist/thinkers to publish 15 pages about this theme (mine were printed handwritten) and take it to the seminar. I shared the table with the curator and jornalist Adélia Borgues, a deep enlightening about brazilian handcraft and design issues.  I Loved.


October 2010

Marina wears Mana

The candidate running for presidancy Marina Silva wears Mana

July 2010

Workshop for children at Walden School

At the end each one took home a painting made of wood leftover. they wrote a phrase  with markerabout what they could do with their own hands to make the world a better place, as a group they made an huge Anakonda with tongue and all to stay hanged in the classroom.


October 2006

Ser Cidadão

In October and November we’ll be realizing an action of our methodology “Story of Life through the Object, Story of the Object through Life ” for the Art Center of “Ser Cidadão”, founded in march as result of an exhibition at the Lurix Gallery. Check the beauty in that they make oriented by the Professor Wilson Cardoso.

September 2006

O Trabalho é Seu

Inaugurou a minha primeira exposição de sala inteira, “O Trabalho é Seu”. Foi muito emocionante! São 45 frases de poemas que eu escrevi ao longo da vida. Na exposição é possível ouvir a narração e acompanhar os escritos. Vai até o dia 05 de novembro no Paço Imperial, Rio de Janeiro. Praça XV, 48 centro.

August 2006
June 2006

Release Mother and Daughter at Dona Coisa

Mana with Brasil Necklace and the Quotidian Jewels Collection and Rute Casoy with Véu de Poesia / Poetri Veil and the embroidered panels.

May 2006

Ata cidadania and Femig

The NGO  Ata cidadania  signed a partnership with Femig and now our metodology “Story of Life through the Object, Story of the Object through Life” walks to be implemented at he Psychiatrist Hospital Raul Soares.