Mana Bernardes | Agenda
December 2014

Workshop with industrial leftovers

That one is the last in 2014…Come to enjoy the opportunity to play with some cool material to create objects, relax and have fun!

december 19th from 4pm to 8pm

November 2014

Mana Bernardes At Museu of Art and Design

Môbiluz, illuminated Mobile, made in partnership Zeca Cury and Airton Pimenta, will be displayed at Museum of Arts and Design (MAD – NY) in a group exhibition dedicated to contemporary Latin American design called New Territories: Laboratories for Design, Craft and Art in Latin America.
Mana Bernardes is a designer, poet, multi-media artist, and art therapist who is best known for her jewelry made of discarded plastics and other materials. A desire to recreate her work on Jóias Cotidianas (Everyday Jewels) on a larger scale led to a collaboration with Aírton Pimenta (illuminator and owner of Lightworks) and Zeca Cury (woodworker and owner Oficina de Marcenaria). During meetings (and dives) in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Ubatuba, the collective created Môbiluz, a limited edition of mobiles that are ethereal, subtle, translucent, and lightweight. Each object is made of laminated wood, LED lighting, and industrial scraps of iridescent sequins. The Môbiluz fixtures are a contemplative objects that can be adjusted manually to create different shadows and moods.

Mana Bernardes:
Airton Pimenta:
Zeca Cury:

More Information:

September 2014


I’ very happy to be part of that troupe with this scenario made from recycled silver plastic, cut by me and embroidery by Costa Lala.

The show will take place At Sérgio Porto Theatre, september 17th. 8pm


June 2014

Mana Bernardes’s Occupation at Casa Ipanema

in 2010 i went for a walk in Ipanema searching people to talk to me about color, sensation, texture, perfume, shape and flavor from this neighborhood. After two months of work, going after imagens with the amazing photographer Mauro Kury trying to translate the people’s impressions like this poet and hawker who told me that the Ipanema flavour was the sun and the sensation was “the woman at the beach”…I developed the Neighborhood Sensorial Map that became an inspirational guide inside the Ipanema Brand and now will be exhibited printed in gigantic paper in some sort of labyrinth. Leftover from the brand will be in a workshop to create objects and we will have the oficial release of the Do Mundo sandal, mine partnership with ipanema brand. This begins june 10th and with a inaugural performance with Alice Caymmi at 8pm. Put in your agendas the address: Casa Ipanema: Garcia D´Avila Street 77.

April 2014

Mana Bernardes Lecture at Complexo do Alemão

the lecture Poetic and Sustainable Ways will take place Wednesday april 9th, 1pm at  Educap – Espaço Democrático De União, Convivência, Aprendizagem E Prevenção Canitar Street – Complexo do Alemão.


February 2014

Collective Exhibition – First Study : About Love

February 15th will opens at Luciana Caravello Contemporary Art Gallery this new exhibition curated by Bernardo Mosqueiras. Poetry which disrupt corners  will be released, Manuscripts over laminated bamboo.
Barão de Jaguaripe Street  387 Ipanema

October 2013

dishware for tok & Stok out in october

Mana is designing a dishware collection and you’ll see the results in ocotber, at the stores!

Rio Design Week

Lecture at Rio Design Week for Tok&Stok: Poetic and responsable ways.
October 25th – 3 to 4 pm

Adress : Jockey Club – Jardim Botânico Street, 1003 – Jardim Bontânico – Rio de Janeiro

September 2013

Exhibition at Amparo 60 Gallery – Recife

September 19th is my exhibition opening  in Recife at Amparo 60 Gallery . For now i’m with a needle in my mouth, stitching bottles in order to know the clouds.

Amparo60 Gallery
Av. Eng. Domingos Ferreira, 92 – Boa Viagem Recife – PE,
Phone: 55 81 3033-6060

June 2013

3rd Sustainability Forum Corede Alto Jacui – Cruz Alta – Rio Grande do Sul

June 19th – Wednesday: (night) – 19:30 to 22h
Lecture: Creative economy and fair trade – Designer and artist-Mana Bernardes – Rio de Janeiro
Mediator: Almir José Ludwig Osmari – Superintendent CORSAN
Campus gym II

programation: here

April 2013

Mana Bernardes at Fashion Rio – Summer 2014

From april 15th to  19th , Will be released the   Sandal  ”Do Mundo” project of Mana for the brand Ipanema.
For the premiere of this new model, we are working in a facility that will occupy the space at Fashion Rio Ipanema as if a  paper cloud , poetry, manufactures, textures, digital, voice and projections of the manuscripts could float through space, to which the public can try these mysteries that we want with the sandal.

Official release on Tuesday, the 16th at 20 o’clock.

December 2012

Collective exhibition at Luciana Caravello Arte Contemporânea Gallery

You are all  invited to the  colective exhibition titled “Aí vai muito da pessoa” in the beautiful Luciana Caravello Contemporary Art Gallery, will have two new jobs!

Opening will be on Saturday from 13 to 17h 15/12/2012

November 2012

Mana at Crio 2012 (developing creativity and social innovation)

Yay! Friday (November 23) will speak at Crio programming’re are great, worth going:

October 2012

Mana Bernardes in “Shaper your Life Project” in Rome!

October 29th I embark to show work in Rome, I designed a workstation on a hammock with support for lap top. This exhibition will be displayed until November 18, 2012 in

September 2012

Paraty Eco Fashion – 2012

Dia 15 de setembro darei palestra junto com Renato Imbroisi mediada por Heloísa Marra no Paraty Eco Fashion.
A relação entre design, artesanato e moda estará presente num bate papo descontraído onde falaremos dos nossos processos.
Mais informações:
June 2012

Wednesday June 20th – Cultural Vigil at Sesc Casa da Gávea in Rio+20

I invite trusted people to a lecture to discuss the theme: The Power of Transformation is the jewel of Being Human.


Mana Bernardes, poet, designer and art therapist, has his own brand of jewelry with everyday materials.

Ines Braconnot, from “Krud” (awareness and art from the food).

Ruth Casoy is a sociologist, art therapist, storyteller and author of the project Poranduba.

Gustavo Santos de Castro is a member of Trevo Criativo consultancy in the creative economy.

Mariana Brunelli works with sustainable business media.

Watch the full program here.

Thursday June 14th – Release of Môbiluz + Performance and Work “Poetic Unwrap” + Floating Jewels

Luciana Caravello Arte Contemporânea Gallery and Firma Casa invite to the opening of the Exhibition Mana Bernardes with release of  Môbiluz + Floating Jewels + Performance and work “Poetic Unwrap” working with music by Pedro Bernardes and his set + book signing of “Mana e Manuscritos” book.

Saturday June 2nd – Lecture at the book fair in Ribeirão Preto

Lecture by Mana Bernardes and Ruth Casoy about poetic exchange between mother and daughter at
book fair in Ribeirão Preto, in ideas hall.

more information:  programming schedule

May 2012

Tuesday May 8th at Mutações in Rio de Janeiro – Launch Jewelry, Pillows and Poetics exchange with my mother Ruth Casoy

It’s with huge pleasure i announce that tomorrow Tuesday will be a very special day. O think my mom, Rute Casoy is a talent, an artist, poetess and educator. i think she has much to add to the world. I play whit her telling she is the mother of the world, she is firm in reality to make her own poems. The pad she will present are accessible pieces from this universe, the Rute universe which has many hand embroidered fabrics by the community that is her home. many native myths, many melodies in the words  and deepening in many different themes from storytelling to teach woman giving birth. My gratitude is infinite for learning so much with mine mother of the world and be able tomorrow to release who released me, as much utopian it sounds, it is uterus what a want to show, the talent of this major artist to you all. I’ll start tomorrow and won’t stop until it lands in Pompidou in Paris, showing huge panels that she does with many different body silhouette, all of the stuffed with words forming poems.  

April 2012

Milan Design Week from april 17th to 22nd !

Three young designers: Rodrigo Almeida, Tete Knecht and Mana Bernardes. Curated by Judith Brazilian Pottecher, the show will be inaugurated on the 17th , at Galleria II Castelo, in Milan, and is on display until April 22.


March 2012

Workshop at Casa da Gávea



Attention, Attention, i’m proud to present an workshop for you to go deep in quotidian materials, come you all, it’ll be an open studio so you can develop authorial and enterprising ways for your creations. It will take place at casa da Gávea in Rio de Janeiro
Begins march 26th and goes until april 9th, we will have 5 meetings Mondays and Wednesday from 3 to 7pm. limited spaces

March 20th and 21st – Workshop in São Paulo Kitchen and Bath exhibition


Workshop with quotidian material at Kitchen & Bath Expo. I’m taking materials such as acetates, sequins, industrial leftovers, pet bottles, magnets, marbles, fibers, lemon pack, wires…In a huge table in the middle of the exhibition,there will be a playfu place so the audience can relax and play with the materials, come up with new ideias and write on the walls.


January 2012

Launch of the book Mana e Manuscritos in São Paulo at Galeria Firma Casa – February 8th

This is the Môbiluz, my new child! I’m the mother and Zeca Cury and Airton Pepper the fathers. It is a collective creation in limited series! It will be displayed on wednesday, February 8th, at 7pm in São Paulo at Galeria Firma Casa, along with the Poetic Unwraping Performance – a long paper with the original poems of the book wraps me and I speak these manuscripts, followed with dazzling live music set of instruments and electronic textures by Pedro Bernardes! All will be part of the launch, in São Paulo, of my book “Mana e Manuscritos”. Waiting for you guys!

Date: 02/08 at 7pm
Adress: Al Gabriel Monteiro da Silva, 1487 SP

World Social Forum

On the 25th and the 26th I will be on The World Social Forum giving a workshop open to the public. Waiting for you there!

October 2011

Worshop Story of Life through the Object, Story of the Object through Life

It’s whit great pleasure that i announce one more edition of the workshop Story of Life through the Object, Story of the Object through Life focused in the authorial process and in developing objects with quotidian material.

Wednesdays from 4 to 7pm
Begins: november 9th
Finishes: Dezember 7th
I’m very happy this workshop is inside Sesc Casa da Gávea schedule (where my mother also conduce a an Story workshop). Enjoy!
Apply period for scholarship: november 4th